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Made in the USA

Why should you Use Me? For one, we source our organic botanicals directly from American farmers because we believe in creating and retaining jobs that value wholesome and honest traditions.

Reds of Ireland

Each year, our Director of Education, Kate Emmerich, travels to a different foreign country to soak up the regional culture. Using her experience as inspiration, Kate designs a one-time workshop featuring a globally infused hair creation.

Best Organic Shampoo?

This is one in a series of articles where we will address eco-friendly hair care related topics. This installment answers the question, What is the Best Organic Shampoo?

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Refill, Reuse, Repeat

To be eco-friendly is quite multi-faceted: in addition to choosing eco friendly hair products, we should all recycle, reuse, and be conscious of our carbon footprints.

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